I woke up feeling so excited, today seems like a blessed day already.. 

A call came in. 

“PAPA is dead”  Ikennaya said while stifling his cries, “Ndo, don’t cry, I know he watches over us, COME BACK HOME “. We still loves you, we are family, he said again and ended the call. 

I was speechless.

Then i laughed so hard that tears rolled down my scarred face.

Then i cried for seeing him before he died, icried for not killing him first.. 

My pillows became my  comfort. 

The memories came rushing like the wind, and the caged demons broke free. 

Who was papa?

Papa was a gentle and loving father, an angel on earth. A selfless man that gives to the poor and defend the defenceless . He loves his God and keeps his laws, they said. 

I laughed.. 

PAPA was the devil i met on earth.. 

He always scream “naughty girl”  and then have his fills..  Papa always finds pleasures in my pains, and release in my cries. 

Papa told me “never to fight it, that we were made for each other pleasures and comfort ” 

Your body is mine, you belong to me and no one else”, where his words every night. 

PAPA cuddles me with sleep and wakes me up with pains. 

The scars was a gentle reminder never to ask WHY, to make me humble and submissive. 

Remove that thing in you” he said. He took me to the clinics, held my hands and said “good girl”. 

Mama hated the girl that took all her father’s love, they all hated the black sheep of the family. To them, papa loves me the most, and frowns at me struggling to be free.  They refused to hear me screaming for help, to save my soul from the devil. 

Then, one day I ran. 

I ran and never looked back. 

One by one, I fought the demons and won.

I waited for the day, I will battle with the Devil himself. 

Now he is gone. 

“PAPA is dead, don’t cry ” 

I laughed. 

The devil is gone.

Miracles do exist


Ps: “Ndo” is an Igbo Language which means “SORRY”.


She was a naive teen, fighting to calm the rebellious spirit growing.

Depression (D) and suicidal thoughts came knocking,
She ran for help, swish, swish, cuts upon cuts were the words the supposed helpers lashed out.

She withdrew and opened the doors to the visitors, their words so sweet yet filled with wicked promises, and their pillows so soft, yet it pierces into her thick skull.

Insecurities, Pains, Fears, moved in, and they all became friends and were one. She caved in to each of their evil but sweet promises.

Romeo came looking for Juliet, to the world he was called SOCIAL MEDIA (SM) aka 2go. With a courageous and a gratitude heart, she embraced him.

FANTASY and its twin LOVE came knocking, and she opened the doors and built walls around them.

Armed with her friends she had a crush and slowly she falls for the handsome and fair boy (X) of her dreams,

Too scared to tell how she feels, the friend SM came to her rescue, but with a twist and connected her to another cute boy (Y), they became friends. Not yet done, the friend connected her to the boy of her dreams (X).. Life became a fairy tale.

It was cut short, when REALITY came knocking, forced the doors open and came in, INSTINCTS joined too,

She rejected the boys proposal, she knew the friends in her were much and were too hot to handle… Secretly she wished her dream prince(X), will wait for his sleeping beauty to wake up.

INSTINCTS roared enough!! Brought confrontation, and together they went to battle, with her at the bottom, TRUTH showed up.

“Never have I ever liked you, you look so innocent and couldn’t help but want a taste” the cute boy(Y) said to her.

Reality consoled her, and off they went out again, with her infront,

“You were never my type, your ass was the only attractive asset you have, wanted a taste of it, your face is that of a beast, can’t tell them you’re mine” the boy of dreams(X) lashed out.

LOVE whimpered, emotions were wrecked like a ship and the wounds became open like the gates of hell… She locked up and together with CONFIDENCE built walls like that of China, and refused to come out again.

Insecurities pains and anxiety took control,

The friends gathered around with evil grins, and sings to her a lullaby as she cries to sleep, “YOU’RE THE BEAST, HE IS THE BEAUTY “.

© Diogo

Ps: to be continued.